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The Full Story

FoG City Pack

Fog City Pack produces nightlife events in San Francisco’s queer kink and electronic music scene. Known for its long-running triad of parties Alpha/Beta/Omega, the Pack brings a signature dark techno sound and scene to the Bay Area. The collective has been featured prominently in both national (The New York Times) and local (SFWeekly) outlets for its creative origins in the pup subculture.


Mission & Values

Fog City Pack seeks to foster a sense of community and sex positivity by hosting social events that bring together diverse members of the kink scene and other queer communities. We uphold values of antiracism and inclusion, elevating QTBIPOC artists at every opportunity.

History of
Fog City Pack

Fog City Pack was founded in early 2015 when a network of queer men who were part of the pup subculture in San Francisco dubbed themselves a chosen family. Highly visible about their kink identities and diverse family form, the Pack adopted a hierarchical role-based structure intended to provide support and mentorship (see Slate feature). It is from these role-based titles that the Pack’s event names emerged. In their first year, Alpha, Beta, and Omega were each intended to pay homage to the distinct roles that the Pack had created, and the original event posters illustrate this. Alphas Turbo and Midnight were highlighted in the Alpha 2016 poster, Betas Fawks and Shadow in the Beta 2016 poster, and Omega Arco in the Omega 2016 poster. 


With their shared passion for music, nightlife, and community building, all members of the Pack were centrally involved in the events produced in its first 5 years. Fog City Pack continues to exist as a queer fetish family apart from the event collective, with some members having moved away from San Francisco or retired from nightlife event production.

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